Simple wedding bouquets are not just incredibly gorgeous but often more budget-friendly, easier to handle on your big day, and they ensure your dress remains the focal point.

Here at Ditton Manor we’ve had the pleasure of admiring countless bouquets and are excited to share some superb designs with you.

Read to discover elegant yet simple wedding bouquet ideas.

florist creating a simple wedding bouquet

Simple & Small Wedding Bouquets

1. Summer Bunch Of Blooms: A summer bunch of blooms combines seasonal flowers like sunflowers, daisies, and lavender for a vibrant, dainty and fresh look. These bouquets are light, easy to carry, and perfect for a rustic or outdoor wedding theme.

2. Greenery: A greenery bouquet blends simplicity with elegance showcasing various foliage types such as eucalyptus, ferns, and ivy, complemented by minimal delicate flowers. This arrangement exudes a natural, earthy vibe.

3. Festive Bouquet: A festive bouquet features small blooms in bright colours like red, orange, and yellow, mixed with greenery and berries. It’s ideal for a fall or winter wedding, adding a touch of warmth and seasonal charm.

Festive simple wedding bouquet with red hues, berries and sparkly decor

Unique & Trendy Wedding Bouquets

4. Wildflowers: Wildflower bouquets are whimsical and free-spirited featuring a mix of colourful blooms like daisies, primroses, and poppies. They are perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty.

5. Floral Hoop: A floral hoop bouquet is a modern and trendy alternative to traditional bouquets. It consists of flowers arranged in a circular hoop often adorned with ribbons or greenery, creating a stylish and eye-catching accessory for the bride. This will certainly be a fun arrangement for any florist!

6. Dried Flowers Paired With Fresh: Combining dried flowers like pampas grass or gypsophila with fresh blooms like peonies creates a unique texture and adds longevity to the bouquet. It’s a great choice for a chic or vintage inspired wedding.

Dried flowers paired with fresh simple wedding bouquet with red hues, berries and sparkly decor

Romantic Rose Wedding Bouquets 

7. Multi-coloured Roses: Roses come in so many in different colours from coral pink and purple to red. Selecting an assortment of roses creates a vibrant and striking statement arrangement. They can be tailored to match any wedding colour scheme, making them versatile and timeless.

8. Traditional White Bouquet: A white rose bouquet exudes elegance and sophistication. It’s classic and timeless symbolising purity and new beginnings, making it perfect for a formal or traditional wedding.

9. Rainbow Roses: Rainbow rose bouquets feature roses dyed in multiple colours, creating a colourful and playful look. They are ideal for couples looking to add a unique and visually aesthetic touch to their wedding day.

rainbow roses simple wedding bouquet

We hope these ideas have inspired your choice for a simple yet striking wedding bouquet.

Remember, sometimes less-is-more and carrying a simple bouquet lets your dress take centre stage.

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Simple Wedding Bouquet Ideas | FAQs

Can a bride have a small bouquet?

Yes, brides can opt for small bouquets if they prefer a minimalist look. Small bouquets can be just as elegant and practical. It can be a good choice for when the bride wants to highlight her dress more than the flowers.

How many flowers should be in a bridal bouquet?

The number of flowers in a bridal bouquet can vary widely depending on the style, size, and preferences of the bride. Typically, bridal bouquets range from around 20 to 50 flowers, but some may have more or fewer depending on the desired fullness and design.

Does the bride get to keep her bouquet?

It’s the bride’s decision whether to keep her bouquet or participate in the bouquet toss. Often, brides choose to preserve their bouquets as keepsakes, either by drying them or using preservation methods. This way they can cherish the memories linked with their wedding flowers for years.

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