Is the question “What Is A Wedding Garter” pondering you? In short, a wedding garter is a piece of bridal lingerie worn under the brides dress on her big day.

But why do brides wear it, and what’s the story behind this tradition? Read on to learn more!

Wedding garter and shoes on the side waiting for the bride to put them on

Tradition Behind The Wedding Garter

At receptions it’s a popular wedding tradition for the groom to remove the garter from beneath the brides gown and toss it into a crowd. 

Modern wedding garters are available in various styles and fabrics such as ruched satin or lace bands and they can be purchased in a wide range of colours.

Traditionally, brides often select white, ivory or blue garters. Sometimes delicate crystals, pearls, ribbons or custom initials may be added for a special touch. 

Many brides may also inherit a garter as a family heirloom. 

Bride putting on a wedding garter

Origin Of The Wedding Garter

The tradition of the garter toss dates back to the Dark Ages when it was believed that obtaining a piece of the bride’s dress brought good luck.

However, in those times guests often became rowdy following the couple to their marital chamber, tearing and ripping their clothing as a form of encouragement to consummate the marriage. 

To divert this behaviour couples began tossing the bride’s garter which held up her stockings, as well as the bouquet.

In modern times, the garter toss tradition isn’t mandatory as many couples decide not to participate which we’ve bared witnesses to here at Ditton Manor, being a popular wedding venue

Wedding garter on brides veil

We hope you enjoyed learning about the bridal garter. 

Whether you choose to toss the garter, hold onto it as a keepsake or not wear one at all is completely your choice – so feel free to do what feels right for you!

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What Is A Wedding Garter? | FAQs

What is the purpose of a wedding garter?

Long ago before the invention of elastic garters had a vital role which was keeping stockings from slipping down. Therefore brides wore one garter on each leg. Nowadays, garters are worn more as decorative accessories rather than functional necessities. 

Who buys the bride a garter?

However, in modern times brides often choose their own garter, sometimes to match with their wedding dress or theme. It can also be given as a gift on her wedding day from the maid of honour or another close friend or relative.

Are wedding garters still a thing?

Yes, wedding garters are still a popular tradition at many weddings, especially in the UK. While not every bride chooses to wear one, garters remain a symbol of tradition for those who do incorporate them into their wedding attire.

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