Wondering how to write a best man speech? This is your ultimate guide!

In short, you should start by introducing yourself and your relationship with the groom. Share amusing anecdotes, give heartfelt compliments to the bride, express your thoughts on their relationship, and conclude with a toast to their future.

At Ditton Manor, we’ve hosted many weddings and enjoyed hearing countless best man speeches.

We’re excited to share our top tips with you – keep reading for everything you need to know!

Best man giving a speech and raising a glass to the newlyweds

How To Write A Great Best Man Speech

Writing a great best man speech requires careful planning and consideration. Here’s a more in-depth look at each step:

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  1. Introduction: The opening line sets the tone for your speech. Consider starting with a humorous anecdote or a heartfelt quote about friendship or love. Introduce yourself clearly and briefly mention your relationship with the groom.
  2. Personal Anecdotes: Choose anecdotes that reflect the groom’s personality and your bond with him. These can be funny stories that highlight memorable moments or touching moments that show his character. Ensure these anecdotes are appropriate for the audience and avoid anything overly embarrassing.
  3. Include Humour: Humour is a key element of a best man speech, but it should be tasteful and inclusive. Use light-hearted jokes that everyone can appreciate and steer clear of inside jokes that only a few will understand. Poking fun at yourself or sharing amusing observations about the groom can lighten the mood and engage the audience.
  4. Acknowledge the Bride: The bride is a central figure in the wedding so acknowledge her presence and compliment her. Share your impressions of her and express your happiness for the couple. A sincere and respectful mention of her qualities and the happiness she brings to the groom’s life is always appreciated.
  5. Offer Advice: Share some genuine advice or well wishes for the couple’s future. This can be based on your own experiences or general wisdom about marriage. Keep the advice positive and uplifting, focusing on the journey ahead for the newlyweds.
  6. Wrap Up: Conclude your speech with a heartfelt toast to the happy couple. Raise your glass and invite everyone to join you in celebrating their love and future together. Keep your closing remarks concise and meaningful, leaving a lasting impression on the guests.
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Best Man Speech Examples

Here are expanded examples of best man speeches to provide further guidance:

  1. Example 1 – Humorous: Start with a funny story about the groom’s antics, such as a memorable bachelor party moment or a humorous mishap during your friendship. Transition into heartfelt well wishes for the couple, emphasising how they complement each other and their bright future together.
  2. Example 2 – Sentimental: Begin with a touching anecdote about your friendship with the groom, recounting a meaningful moment or a challenging time you’ve overcome together. Follow with sincere words about the bride, highlighting her positive impact on the groom and their relationship. Conclude with a warm toast to their happiness and lifelong journey together.
  3. Example 3 – Balanced: Probably the most common approach, combine humour and sentimentality by alternating between light-hearted jokes and heartfelt messages about love and marriage. Start with a humorous anecdote to engage the audience, then transition into sincere remarks about the couple’s strengths and compatibility. End with a heartfelt toast that encapsulates your wishes for their happiness and enduring love.

Remember to personalise these examples based on your relationship with the groom and the overall tone of the wedding. Practice delivering your speech with confidence and sincerity to make a memorable impact on the couple and guests.

Best man giving a speech and raising a glass to the newlyweds

Best Man Speech Tips

Mastering the art of delivering a best man speech requires careful preparation and effective delivery techniques. Here are more detailed tips to help you shine:

1. Rehearse: Practice your speech multiple times to familiarise yourself with the content and ensure smooth delivery. Practice in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend to receive feedback on your pacing and expression.

2. Timing: Keep your speech concise, ideally around 5 minutes long. Time yourself during rehearsals to avoid rushing through or dragging out your speech on the wedding day.

3. Engage the Audience: Make eye contact with various guests throughout your speech especially the bride and groom to establish a connection and maintain their attention. Speak clearly and project your voice so everyone can hear you, especially in larger venues.

4. Be Respectful: Avoid controversial topics, inside jokes that only a few will understand, or stories that may embarrass the couple. Your speech should be suitable for all ages and respectful of the wedding atmosphere.

5. Toast Etiquette: End your speech with a memorable toast to the newlyweds. Raise a glass and invite everyone to join you in celebrating their love and future happiness together.

By following these tips and examples you can craft and deliver a best man speech that honours the groom, delights the wedding party, and adds a memorable touch to the big day.

We hope you now have a good idea as to how you can write your best man speech. For more Best Man related reads check out “The Ultimate Best Man Checklist“. Alternatively, head over to our Blog page for other great wedding reads!

How To Write A Best Man Speech | FAQs

What is the best man supposed to say in his speech?

The best man’s speech should typically include a warm introduction where he introduces himself and his relationship with the groom. It can include humorous anecdotes about the groom, stories that showcase their friendship, and perhaps some light-hearted jokes. The speech should also acknowledge the bride, express happiness for the couple, and offer well wishes for their future together. It ends with a heartfelt wedding toast to the newlyweds.

What makes a good best man speech?

A good best man speech strikes a balance between humour and sentimentality. It should be personalised to reflect the unique relationship between the best man and the groom, with anecdotes and stories that resonate with both the couple and the audience. A good speech is well-structured, engaging, and respectful. This last thing you want to include is overly embarrassing or inappropriate content. It leaves the guests with a positive impression of the groom, the bride, and their relationship.

When does a best man give his speech

The best man typically gives his speech during the wedding reception, usually after the meal has been served and before the party. It’s a moment to gather everyone’s attention and offer heartfelt words and congratulations to the newlyweds. Timing may vary depending on the wedding schedule, but it’s generally after the meal to ensure all guests are present and the atmosphere is celebratory.

What is the best man responsible for?

The best man has several responsibilities leading up to and during the wedding day. These include organising the bachelor party, assisting the groom with wedding preparations, ensuring the groom is calm and ready on the wedding day, and delivering a memorable best man speech. 

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