History Of Ditton Manor

Ditton Manor’s rich history dates back to before 1066 when William FitzAnsculf was granted use of the estate by William the Conqueror. Mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, Ditton Manor was then valued at around 30 shillings.

Over the centuries the estate changed hands through various families facing historical events like the War of the Roses and the English Civil War. In 1472, it became crown land under Edward IV and by 1615, it was granted to Sir Ralph Winwood, Secretary of State to King James I, leading to renovations and moat expansion.

Through political changes and family successions, Ditton Manor passed to Ralph Montagu and later to Lady Mary Montagu. In 1709, John 2nd Duke of Montagu, inherited the estate leaving a lasting impact. The estate’s history continued through various families surviving events like a fire in 1812 and passing through the Montagu and Buccleuch lines.

In 1917, the Admiralty acquired Ditton Park during World War I using it for various purposes, including the development of radar technology. After changing hands over the years, Computer Associates purchased the estate in 1997, establishing its headquarters.

Ditton Manor is now proudly part of the Active Hospitality family and is primarily used as a conference centre hosting various meetings, exhibitions and team-building activities, as well as weddings and all manners of special events.

Ditton Manor Today

We hope you enjoyed discovering the history of Ditton Manor. Today, it stands as an outstanding venue for meetings and events near Slough. Take a moment to watch our video below and witness the charm of our venue in the present day.

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