Are you wondering what to have instead of a wedding cake?

At Ditton Manor, we’ve hosted hundreds of weddings and seen a wide array of creative substitutes. 

Whether you don’t like cake or simply want to break from tradition, we have plenty of inspiring ideas to share with you.

Cake pops, a great alternative to traditional wedding cake

Sweet Tooth Wedding Cake Alternatives

1. Cheesecake: Delight your guests with a rich and creamy cheesecake which can be customised with various flavours and toppings such as fresh berries, chocolate drizzle, or caramel.

2. Cake Pops: These bite-sized treats are perfect for a fun and easy-to-eat dessert. Cake pops can be decorated to match your wedding theme and intricately decorated.

3. Profiteroles: Indulge your guests with a profiteroles cake featuring layers of choux pastry filled with cream and topped with chocolate sauce. It’s a delightful and decadent option.

4. Macaroon Tier: A tiered display of colourful macaroons offers a sophisticated alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Flavours can range from classic vanilla to exotic passion fruit.

5. Croquembouche: This traditional French dessert is both stunning and delicious. A tower of cream-filled profiteroles drizzled with caramel makes for an elegant and impressive centrepiece.

croquembouche, a great alternative to traditional wedding cake

Sweet Tooth Wedding Cake Alternatives

6. Antipasto Cake: Create a layered antipasto cake with an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, olives, and roasted vegetables. It’s a visually appealing and delicious choice for savoury lovers.

7. Pork Pie Cake: A hearty and rustic option a pork pie cake is perfect for couples who love savoury treats. It can be served with a selection of chutneys and pickles.

8. Stacked Wheels Of Cheese: For a savoury twist opt for a tower of stacked cheese wheels. This can be beautifully decorated with figs, grapes, nuts, and edible flowers, providing a tasty alternative.

Cheese wheel, a great alternative to traditional wedding cake

Summer Wedding Cake Alternatives 

10. Fresh Fruit Cake: A fresh fruit cake is light and refreshing, perfect for a summer wedding. 

11. Sorbet Cones: Offer your guests a selection of fruity sorbet cones. These can be served from a vintage ice cream cart for a fun and refreshing treat.

12. Ice Cream Cake: You can choose from a variety of ice cream flavours layered on sponge, making it a hit for a warm-weather celebration.

Ice cream cake, a great alternative to traditional wedding cake

Winter Wedding Cake Alternatives 

13. Gingerbread Display: Create a whimsical and festive gingerbread display of your wedding venue. Guests can admire the intricate designs and enjoy breaking off pieces to savour the rich, spiced flavours.

14. Selection Of Warm Pies: A selection of warm pies such as apple, pecan, and pumpkin provides a comforting and festive dessert for a winter wedding. Pair them with whipped cream or ice cream for extra indulgence.

15. Chocolate Fountain: Warm up your guests with a chocolate fountain. Serve a variety of dippable treats like marshmallows, fruits, and pretzels to create a interactive dessert experience.

Chocolate fountain, a great alternative to traditional wedding cake

Fun Wedding Cake Alternatives

16. Stacks Of Doughnuts: Create a tower of assorted doughnuts for a playful and delicious dessert. 

17. Candy Buffet: Set up a candy buffet with an assortment of sweets and treats. Guests can fill their own bags with their favourite things making it a fun and customisable dessert option.

18. Worldwide Wedding Desserts Selection: Celebrate global flavours with a selection of desserts from around the world. From Italian cannoli’s and American brownies to Japanese mochi, this option adds an adventurous twist.

19. Crepe Cake: A crepe cake made of layers of thin crepes with sweet fillings like Nutella or cream offers a delicate and unique alternative to a traditional cake.

20. Cupcakes: Cupcakes are a popular alternative offering a variety of flavours and designs.

Cupcake stand, a great alternative to traditional wedding cake

We hope you enjoyed exploring these alternative delicious wedding cake ideas. Hopefully you’ve now found the right option for your wedding day.

For more wedding alternative ideas click HERE. From us all at Ditton Manor – Happy wedding planning!  

What To Have Instead Of A Wedding Cake? | FAQs

What do people do instead of cake at a wedding?

Instead of a traditional wedding cake couples can opt for a dessert table, macaron tower, cupcake displays, doughnut tower, or even a cheese wheel. These alternatives can offer a variety of flavours and options to satisfy different tastes and add a unique touch to the celebration.

Is it okay to not have a wedding cake?

Absolutely! It’s perfectly okay to not have a wedding cake if it doesn’t fit your vision or preferences. Modern weddings are all about personalisation, so you can choose whatever dessert or treat that best represents you as a couple. 

Are wedding cakes still a thing?

Yes, wedding cakes are still popular and hold a special place in many celebrations. However, couples today have more freedom to explore different dessert options and personalise their wedding to reflect their tastes and style. Traditional wedding cakes coexist with a wide array of modern and creative alternatives, making every wedding unique.

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